Board of Trustees:

Brian Gaskill, D.O.; President
Lenard Markman, D.O.; Past President
Luke Hammell, D.O.; President-Elect
Richard Rapp, D.O.; Treasurer
Sumeet Goel, D.O.; Executive Director
Mark Robinson, D.O.
Sarah James, D.O.
Amy Ewan , D.O.
Catherine Nelson, D.O.
Tony Thrasher, D.O.
Steven Long, D.O., Resident Member
Zachary Markman, D.O., Resident Member
Arthur Angove, D.O.; Trustee Emeritus
Patricia Cobb; Advisor to Board

Executive Director:

Job Description

WAOPS Bylaws:


Education Committee:

Sarah James, D.O.; Co-Chair
Amy Ewan, D.O.; Co-Chair
Nelson Gencheff, D.O.
Tiffany Gulinson, D.O.
Lezlie Painovich, D.O.
Dodson Thompson, D.O.

Membership Committee:

Brian Gaskill, D.O.; Chair
Arthur Angove, D.O.
Catherine Nelson, D.O.
Lisa Reineke, D.O.

Legislative / Advocacy Committee:

Lenard Markman, D.O.; Chair
Arthur Angove, D.O.
Leslie Markman , D.O.
Richard Rapp, D.O.
Paul Searles, D.O.

Student / Post-Graduate Committee :

Mark Robinson, D.O. (Chair)
Steven Long, D.O. PGY2
Zak Markman, OMS-IV
Michael Van Abel, OMS-II
Jordan Paluch, Pre-SOMA (UW-Madison)
Katie Lepak, Pre-SOMA (Marquette University)
Patricia Cobb, Pre-Health Advisor (UW-Milwaukee)

Nominating Committee:

Chaired by Past-President; appointments made when necessary

Bylaws Committee (ad hoc):

Chaired by President; appointments made when necessary