Benefits for Membership


WAOPS serves as the professional family for DO's in Wisconsin.


WAOPS offers Category 1-A CME credit.


WAOPS serves as your voice before the AOA, State Legislature, Licensing Board, and occasionally to other groups such as insurance carriers.

Leadership Development

WAOPS provides several opportunities to serve our profession. Members can become involved on a committee, become a state delegate to the AOA, or a member & officer on the board of trustees.

Public Relations

WAOPS works to shape policy and participate in campaigns that directly affect Wisconsin physicians, health-care workers, and our patients.

Staff Assistance

WAOPS employs staff to advocate for our members and assist with issues affecting your medical practice and career.

Referral Service

Thanks to the exemplary care provided by our colleagues, patients frequently contact us in search of an Osteopathic Physician. We refer those patients to our members.


Our periodic newsletter celebrates Osteopathic Physicians in our state and keeps members current on what's happening in our profession.

Application for Membership


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A) Has your license to practice medicine in any jurisdiction ever been voluntarily or involuntarily limited, suspended or revoked?


B) Have your privileges at any hospital ever been voluntarily or involuntarily suspended, diminished, revoked, or not renewed?


C) Have you ever been convicted of a felony offense?


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